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A little about what I can do, in a nutshell.


Web applications which I develop use a variety of technologies including .NET with C# (Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, MVVM (AngularJS and KnockoutJS)), SQL Server.

Design (UX/UI)

My skillbase includes designing websites, making mockups, concepts and coming up with ideas with a key eye to detail. I have several years of experience designing and creating websites. All websites I design and create use HTML5, CSS and Javascript(jQuery) and all use the latest front end frameworks such as BootStrap and Zurb Foundation


I have some experience configuring Windows Server environments, both in physical and virtual environments, and managing and configuring IIS.

App and Game Development

I have some skills in 3D modelling, animation, game and app development. After graduating in Computer Games Development, I have made one successful 3D iPhone game, achieving downloads worldwide of above 40k and national publicity including articles from The Sun, Daily Mail and interviews I conducted with ITV and Heart Radio.


Some recent projects I have been working on.


Tinymiles enables dealerships to list low mileage cars on the site.

This site is a C# MVC Web Application, which uses KnockoutJS MMVM, WebAPI, Entity Framework, SQL Server. An Admin and Dealers portal has been created as part of a bespoke CMS. This includes a data import tool and a PayPal payment service for Dealers.

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Prevent is a tool for the public to find resources to information on how to prevent terrorism and how to get in touch if they have concerns fr any individuals.

This site is a C# MVC Web Application, which uses Entity Framework and SQL Server. An Admin portal has been created as part of a bespoke CMS including content, users, document and image management.

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Fridge and Fruit

A website where you can find nutritional recipes using ingredients you have in the cupboard.

This site is a ASP.NET MVC Web Application , which uses JQuery and SQL Server. An Admin portal has been created as part of a bespoke CMS. This site uses a range of algorithms to calculate nutrional information and content in meals and ingredients against their weight.

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First Response iOS App

A 3D third person simulation game published as an iOS app, where you can drive a police car around a track to set the best lap on an online leaserboard.

This game was created using Unity3D and MonoDevelop, using JavaScipt, Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX and XCode. When released, this game reached a worldwide audience and over 40,000 downloads. This game and myself also featured in media stories, published and broadcasted by ITV, Heart Radio, The Sun and Daily Mail.


A brief history of my relevant experience.

  • Web Developer

  • E-Communications Manager

  • Web Developer (Freelance)

  • E-Forms Developer

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development

    Graduated from University of Portsmouth

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